Adopt a Value

Nothing is more stirring than a large group of committed Individuals walking together for a common cause and willing to adapt a value to practice them by example.There is more love and harmony at home.

“Love as Thought is Truth.
Love as Action is Right Conduct.
Love as Understanding is Peace.
Love as Feeling is Non-violence.”

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

As we collectively prepare to create awareness of human values in our communities through Walk for Values. It’s very important for us (participants) to practice what is being preached and propagated for inner-transformation and creating a lasting impact. As a discipline we (participants) need to do a self-reflection and choose a value or sub-value which needs to be pledged and practiced for the following year.

Let us make a conscious effort to start now and continue to put into practice one value in our daily lives. We will then truly be Walking the Talk and Leading by example.

How? Each participant:

  1. Identifies a value/sub-value you would like to adopt (consciously practice). See below for list of values and sub-values.
  2. Performs actions to practice that value in your daily life.
  3. Makes note of positive effects or changes that you or others have observed in you as a result of adopting this value.
  4. Make a conscious effort to not criticize my family members.
  5. I have more love and good feeling with the family. There is more love and harmony at home.