Logo Significance

This logo is rich in symbolism.

The logo represents the participants’ commitment to ‘Walk the Talk’.

The five toes represent the five universal values:

  • Truth
  • Right Conduct
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Non-Violence


These are values without borders, transcending barriers of caste, class, country, and creed and offering, when they are practiced, the sweet promise of individual and social renewal.

  • Shaped as a heart, the sole of the foot symbolizes love, the undercurrent of all human values and the core of our being.
  • The heel of the walker’s foot, drawn as a tear-drop, symbolizes the compassion that moves every human heart to serve and reach out to fellow beings and nature.
  • In its totality, the Walk for Values symbol has come to represent the long overdue march of the human race toward individual, social, environmental, and global reformation, starting with one human heart at a time!