Hello and Welcome to our 15th Annual Walk for Values:

It is with honor and humility we welcome you to join our 15th annual Walk for Values which will be held in the heart of downtown Toronto, at Nathan Phillips Square on Sunday May 28th 2017. This Walk is unique as our aim and purpose is not to raise money for any charity, but instead to raise the awareness of the 5 core Human Values that is inherent in us all. By choosing to walk with us you are committing to walk for and practice a particular value not just on the day of the event but throughout the entire year, more so than you would normally. Our hope is that if we all do this together, the positive impact on our personal lives, our families, our community, our Nation and even the World will be felt, and the positive change that we all wish for, will become more possible than before.

Since the first walk was held in 2003, in the little community of Malvern in the east end of Toronto, the Walk for Values has blossomed into a national and international event. With more than 25 cities in over 9 host countries around the world, and participants of all ages and ethnic backgrounds walking together to spread the values of Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non Violence.  These values are quickly becoming household concepts which are being practiced in our daily lives. These values have no bearing on race, religion, social or economical status for these are the most universal values that are  deeply required in our societies to bring about peace in all communities.

This is a Walk for me, my family, my community and my nation.

Manish Rughani & Kesh Maharaj
Chairs, Walk for Values – Toronto

Cultivate the heart to raise a harvest of Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love.  This Crop has to be raised in your heart and should be shared with others.” – Sathya Sai Baba