Mission and Vision

The main objective of Walk for Values is to create awareness for the practice and propagation of Human Values “Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Non-violence and Peace” It invites individual to be an agent of positive change through self-transformation and character building in a rapidly changing world for Universal Peace and Harmony. “Walk for Values” is an event designed to raise awareness of Human Values and to promote individual responsibility towards the collective future of humanity, one step at a time. A non-monetary, non-denominational event, this unique initiative, based on the five basic human values of truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence, has become part of a global drive to seed human consciousness with global affirmations such as hope, optimism, consideration, kindness, patience, honesty, respect, integrity, forgiveness, charity, volunteerism and all other associated values deemed integral to the sustenance and survival of mankind. It calls for an honest self-appraisal from its participants who then identify an area of personal growth that needs to be strengthened and then pledge the needed actions for self-improvement.