Details for the Saskatoon Walk

saskatoon_open_door_society_logo                                          wfv_Logo                                          multifaith Details for Saskatoon Walk Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Saskatoon in partnership with Saskatoon Open Door Society and Multi-faith Saskatoon is organizing a non-monetary annual walkathon for raising awareness in the community to practice five fundamental human values, i.e., Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non Violence. City of Saskatoon has proclaimed the week of June 5th as Walk for Values week. When? Sunday, June 5th, 2016 at 1:30pm Where? Assembly in front, Saskatoon Open Door Society, 100-129 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK Click below to download our Join Us! Let’s unite and Walk for Values on Sunday, June 5th.  This is a community event to raise awareness of the importance of practicing universal human values of Truth, Love, Peace, Non-violence, and Right-conduct in our daily lives. EVERYONE is welcome!  This is a family-friendly event for all ages, faiths, and cultures. Participation is FREE! Agenda:
  •  Sunday, June 5th, 2016
  • Registration starts at 1:30 PM; the walk begins at 2.00 PM
  • Assemble in front, Saskatoon Open Door Society, 100-129 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon, SK
  •  Route: Walk from Open Door Society – 100- 129 3rd Ave N, towards 20th Street E, and turn left on 20th and walk towards the Spadina Crescent E. Turn left on Spadina Crescent E and walk towards 24th street and turn left on 24th street and walk ahead towards 3rd Avenue and finish back at Open Door Society
  •  Expected time for completing the Walk: 40 minutes
  •  Cultural Program followed by snacks (2.45 OM to 3.30 PM)
Community Partners for the event:
  •  Saskatoon Open Door Society
  •  Multi-faith Saskatoon
  The Walk for Values began at the Sathya Sai School in Scarborough, Ontario in 2003. It has since grown into an international event. Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre is a non-denominational and non-political spiritual organization; it is registered as a non-profit charitable organization. The Sai Centres spread over multiple cities in over 120 countries recognize the fundamental unity of all religions of the world, and their main mission is to promote spiritual, educational and community service activities. The Saskatoon Open Door Society is a non-profit organization in Saskatoon that has been working with newcomers and the community since 1981. Its mission is to welcome and assist immigrants and refugees to become informed and effective participants in Canadian society, and to include the community in their hospitable reception and just acceptance. Multi-Faith Society is a non-profit organizations of Different Faith Groups in Saskatoon. W4V is a walkathon in which no money is solicited; instead, people are asked to pledge to try to live up to one or more of the human values in their lives in the hope one will make the world richer by giving (one’s) commitment to practice values, and character-building. By walking together as kindred spirits, we can achieve two things: (1) we can raise awareness of positive human values such as love, truth, non-violence and peace; and (2) more importantly, we can bring attention to the urgent need to practice them in our community and halt the social and environmental ills that impoverish our lives and our spirit. The five fundamental Human Values advocated by W4V: Love: caring, compassion, forgiveness, enthusiasm, devotion Peace: contentment, humility, patience, self-confidence, self-respect Truth: honesty, integrity, optimism Non-Violence: gentleness, consideration, co-operation, equality, cultural respect Right-Conduct: gratitude, perseverance, determination, responsibility, sacrifice, courage, duty and ethics Let’s Walk for Values and make a difference one step at a time. W4V Coordinators: Ranga Ranganathan – Email: Phone: 306 229 7905 Julie Fleming Juarez – Email: Phone: 306 653 4464 Hosted by: Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Saskatoon  

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